Tibetan Medicine 4 year Program

Sep 7, 2010 Conway,USA by Administrator

This course will be the first online course of its kind. It will follow exactly the program of the first semester of the Tibetan Medicine School of Shang Shung Institute, actually the only traditional medicine program in Western countries.

The course is also inteded as a self-completed course and certificate of attendance will be given to student who will pass the review test scheduled at the end of the semester.

About Tibetan Medicine

The Tibetan science of healing contains knowledge compiled and disseminated since antiquity by the Tibetan people. One of the oldest continuously applied healing systems on the planet, Tibetan Medicine remains a vital and living tradition.

Evolving over many centuries, Tibetan healers gradually created new techniques for protecting life, which increased the productive work and happiness of individuals, and treated illness. Students will be introduced to the historical origin and developments of the Tibetan medical tradition, with an emphasis on how the key topics evolved to their present stage.

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Brief informations:

  • Location: Live in Conway, MA - USA / Online on Demand worldwide.
  • Date/time: Sept 7, 2010
  • Registration Required: YES