Direct Journal - 2010

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What is Direct Journal

It's the first stage of a project to make available to all members of Dzogchen Community all the archive of recordings of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.
This Archive is maintained by Shang Shung Institue and represent an extremely important project for the preservation of the Teachings for future generations.

How to help the Archive Project

The archive is growing so fast that we often run out of digital space and human resources. Thanks to a great aggrements with technological partner we can affordably increase the digital storage and thanks to donation of singles we can sponsor the work of the archive staff.

If you want to know more or if you feel like contributing to this huge and important effort please write us at:

Sponsor a TERABYTE

A good way to support the project is to 'SPONSOR A TERABYTE' of space. A Terabyte means sponsoring the purchase a part of the hdd-space to save up to 30 hours of video. A TERABYTE means a donation of 300euro and it's a direct contribute to buy high-end hard drives used by the storage systems.

Sponsor a MONTH

Another important way to help is to 'SPONSOR A MONTH', that means partially sponsoring one archive staff member for one month of work on the archive, that means to digitally acquire about 40 hours of video. For this the donation required is of 450 euro.