Our Mission

Why the Institute was created

The Institue was created to preserve and protect the precious Tibetan Culture, to provide initiatives and projects that aim to make Tibetan Culture available to all people and to protect the Dzogchen Teachings of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.

Our activities

What we do!

Our activities include publishing books, producing audiovideos, promote the translation of important Tibetan text, provide courses of Tibetan culture (language, medicine, massage and many more), promote events that aim to raise interest torward Tibetan culture. Our Institute also provide services to the Dzogchen Community and maintain the archive of Teachings of our founder Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.

An International organization, based on volunteer work, passion and love for Tibetan culture.

May 01 2010 by Administrator

Our organization has offices in Italy, USA, Austria, Russia and Argentina, we provide services to more than 4'000 members worldwide. Even with these impressive numbers the Institute is a small organization that is self sustained by its members, its activities and donations. We can be effective in our work thank to the help of a small staff of people who are really devoted to our mission, and thank to the aid of many many volunteers that donate us time and resources.
The passion that our staff and all members share is the key to do, together, something important for the Tibetan Culture.